These reasons are not mutually exclusive. Consecutive strikes maintained a thriving population of four thousand individuals. Kenneth and his brotherRaymond were a bricklayer and a mason respectively, and they built numerous homes around Santa Cruz. Most operations shut down after the gold rush, though one last company persisted until 1926. University of California Santa Cruz - Porter College has several sites rumored to be haunted. A Buddhist retreat build on more than 100 acres of California redwood forest. The town once had a sawmill, a smithy, a post office, a hotel, and a saloon. Come and URBEX and visit abandoned places on Tenerife. Location? Break out the Ecto Goggles, heres where to get spooked in Santa Cruz County! Youre in the right place. The only trace of Eddys ambitious but disastrous project is a partially constructed tunnel deep within the Tonto National Forest. Mercury turned out to be very useful. This Mexican restaurant is housed in one of the oldest residence's in town, and is rumoured to be haunted by a variety of spirits. Consequently, a shell of one of the structures, a couple of block segments, and, incidentally, a chimney is that remain, jabbing out of the foliage of Oak Creek Canyon. There were notorious murders in the town of Lexington, and thirty-two men died in a railroad tunnel near the ghost town of Laurel. You may contact the current owners through their blog site at One of the most frequently spotted figures is thought to be Sarah Logan, a ten-year-old relative of original owner James Harvey Logan who was found drowned in the creek in 1918. Clems, Zayante, and Eccles came next. The new owners are working with the city of Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz Historic Preservation Committee to develop a personal family compound and restore and repair the landmark artifacts. One such example is Tuttle Mansion, an imposing, blood-red home at 723 E. Lake Ave. that was built for the wealthy family of Morris B. Tuttle who made his fortune in agriculture. The most remarkable sight is the old furnace where sweating workers cooked ruddy cinnabar ore into pure mercury. Interested to sample the hotels hot and cold running chills? Since then, local residents have reported seeing the specter wandering the field, or hearing his heavy boots stomp across the decks of neighboring homes. During a trip in 2014, while almost asleep, something jumped on my bed. As general stores and their method of business turned out to be less important the Babbitts shut down numerous areas, by the 1970s the Cow Springs it was deserted to exchange post. Chloride City is a ghost town in Inyo County, California, about 8.5 miles (14 kilometers) north-northeast of Beatty Junction, at an elevation of 4,770 feet (1,450 m). Reportedly haunted by a prostitute who was murdered there in the late 1800's. Yet, the burial sites of many Chinese immigrants were marked by humble wooden crosses that were lost to time. 1. Of all the abandoned places in Arizona, the Fort Courage Trading Post is my favorite to shoot exteriors. Before the tracks were laid, there was a stage route through the Santa Cruz Mountains. The mountains that rise between Silicon Valley and the Pacific coast once held a variety of small towns that are only memories now. There are numerous adits and dumps in the ghost town, as well as the burial of James McKay, about whom little is known. This lighthouse, which has been featured on the TV show Ghost Adventures, is said to be haunted by many victims of shipwrecks that have occurred off the coast over the years. 35.341, -111.6902Photo Credit: Ken Hodge The mine is located on the right side of the main road, slightly north of Golden Belt Mill. As a result, previous residents claim the house has become a portal for restless spirits. Yet soon after, visitors to the valley noticed that some of their personal objects were disappearing, and they reached the obvious conclusion: the haunted appendage of William Waddell was snatching their items! Tucked in the tiny, redwood-forested town of Brookdale, the historic Brookdale Lodge is famed for its unique offerings: a creek running through its restaurant dining room, a see-through mermaid pool, and more than a few things that go bump in the night. He confirmed that the property now belongs to a small local development company that is hoping to restore the building and add a second story the main building. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. A telescope was available, for 10 cents a view. Regardless of the difficulties, interest went on into the 1900s. The eccentric Sarah Winchester, builder of the Winchester Mystery House, is said to have built the rambling mansion to protect her from the ghosts of all the people who were were killed by her late husband's famous Winchester line of rifles. Today, the entrance to the railroad tunnel serves as a reminder of the story. The prison is close by U.S. Highway 191 as it goes through Clifton. . What If She Never Existed? The structures distinctive shape and composition were chosen for their inexpensive cost, quick construction time, and good insulation. 2023 Atlas Obscura. Today. When the waters are very low, old foundations and roads show up on the lakebed. The cottages you have written about unfortunately dont exist anymore. Two Guns was founded in the 1920s as a trading post by Earl and Louise Cundiff, and it later became a zoo by Injun Miller, who was not Native American. In addition to unexplained disturbances within the homeit has since served as a complex for apartments and office spaceMorris Tuttle has been spotted in the houses second-story windows, gazing out over his former orchards. They worked together, though they are rumored to have quarreled often and were seen fist-fighting in the streets of Santa Cruz on more than one occasion. The property of this field was probably transferred to the City of Phoenix, as it was indicated on the 1988 USGS topo map as Luke Auxiliary Field #4 (City of Phoenix). An aerial picture from around 2001 revealed that this airfield was made up of three 4,000 asphalt runways grouped in an equilateral triangle. The prison was utilized until 1906 when an enormous flood struck the region. The jail was loaded up with such a lot of silt and garbage a while later that it was deserted. There are plenty of places I kept off this list so get out there and explore. Guests have been shoved and report the feeling of being watched. Little as they were, they actually appeared in the Census of that time. Manuela Beltrn Is a Colombian Hero. The former Adolph's Restaurant, and now Fuji Restaurant, is said to be haunted. The lodge has drawn ghost hunters and television crews from around the globe to investigate claims of unexplained apparitions, flickering lights, and whispering voices. Reportedly haunted by the niece of the former proprietor who is alleged to have drowned in the creek that runs through the dining room. Sloan. Follow us on social media to add even more wonder to your day. Majors and Jewell were hanged. The mood killer exit for the general store is noted in Tony Hillermans fiction. 2023 Copyright Visit Santa Cruz County. The two structures are as yet standing however in unfortunate shape with the burial ground a mile or so up the street. And near there us the first 2 homes that had first electricity and light. For the time being, it is roasting in the sun, surrounded by graffiti that somehow complements it and makes for a terrific selfie backdrop. In the Great Earthquake of 1906, over 100 patients were killed and buried on this site. Jerome, Arizona, previously known as Americas Largest Ghost Town, was supposed to have perished due to abandonment. Remnants of Holy City can still be found, on Old Santa Cruz highway quite near Highway 17. Many other strange sounds and electrical Colton Hall, built by Navy Chaplain Walter Colton (later a mayor and a judge), was the first public building constructed under the American flag. Over the years, it has adapted to various aviation industry trends. Today, at Harshaw there are a couple of buildings left to see. Now, witnesses say they have felt cold spots and seen eerie shadows, and those who stop in a clearing will see children's footsteps all around them and hear laughter, running, Hi, my name is Sara White. Its such a. Amazing story. Once grand, it has been burned, graffitied, and left to fall to ruin. One common effect of logging is to increase erosion rates in the watershed by removing vegetation that holds soil in place, causing rivers and streams to become choked with excess sediments and silt. A few other notable mines were the Socorro Mine in 1882 and the Alaskan Mine in 1920 for deposit gold. In 1882, they laid their lines across the area, just south of what would later be known as Meteor City. Dennison was 3 miles east of Meteor City, and Sunshine was 4.5 miles west. 6. This office building that was once a private home is haunted by a ghost nicknamed Julius. However, this place is cool to shoot from above with a drone. On the main street, there are several lovely structures. This former hotel is now a restaurant with tenants living on top. The railroad was abandoned twice due to a lack of money. William Waddell was a 19th century landowner and businessman who operated a lumber mill in what is now his namesake valley. In the A Building, the apparition of a student who committed suicide has been seen, as well as others. Santa Cruz, CA 95060 When the railroad began service in 1880, it began Lexingtons decline. These haunted places in Mumbai are so unnerving that you will never want to explore in 2023. McLaughlin left behind a note which explained his woes, and included one final, macabre request: that someone put his poor old cat to rest. In 1845, Andres Castillero filed a mining claim on their land. This quirky roadside attraction dives into the many theories surrounding North America's most infamous hairy cryptid. A past resident even remarked feeling positive energy in the home and attributed it to Agnes. The resident spook is believed to be a Canadian freight train hopper, who frequented a prior establishment on University of California Santa Cruz - Porter College has several sites rumored to be haunted. The lodge has a restaurant in a room named "the Brook Room", because it has a brook running through the middle of the room. Others don't believe it, and they say, according to a newspaper story, the boy was killed by a murderer who dumped the body at the At the end of Chualar Road at night, some say a ghostly woman walks along the roadside. Housed in an 1899 mansion, this old-fashioned antiques store is rumoured to be haunted. Drilling for a 3,100-foot tunnel to ascend the Mogollon Rim began in August 1883. Graham Hill Road Cemetery, aka Santa Cruz Memorial Cemetery, is said to be haunted by apparitions, faces in headstones, dark shadows, and orbs. Perhaps Stevenson House museum was an 1800s boarding house where author Robert Louis Stevenson once stayed (and it's now named for him). Rengstorff House was originally built by German immigrant Henry Rengstorff on Stierlin Road in the 1860s, but was moved to its current location to be restored and turned into a museum. Local historians have traced all of his relatives, but after 1957, Kenneth, akaClaire, Clarke and Clarence Kitchen vanished from the historical record. The back room of the place is supposedly where most of the supernatural activity is confined to. Activity reported here includes pictures being moved by unseen hands, a ghostly male voice and the apparition of a disheveled old man. According to one source (an unnamed interviewee in the oft-cited The Sidewalk Companion to Santa Cruz Architecture), the deviceactually worked and caused problems for the US Navy. A lovely home built by the mine manager still stands among oaks and meadowland, with many airy rooms and wide porches to catch the breeze. Hey, guys. The Santa Cruz Mountains in California have a haunted history. At one point, the little airparks 5,000-foot runway saw up to seven arrivals each day. Can any natives point me to some weird attractions, abandoned places, or dope spots worth exploring? A U.S. Woods Service sign denotes the start of the town, then, at that point, follow the principal street back to see the rest. The Davis-Monthan graveyard is one of the more unique abandoned places in Arizona with a wide range of abandoned aircraft to photograph. Read more 0 Bayview Hotel Bed and Breakfast Aptos, California 7.2 miles from Pasatiempo, CA . Nothing caught from the creeks that drain the area is fit to eat. While sitting on his room bed, he said he felt as if at least three Robinson Jeffers, poet and builder of the granite house and tower, is said to linger here. Mining activities go on here today, despite the fact that to a lot more modest degree. The train stopped at Scotts Valley too, and Santa Cruz, but those cities still thrive. It is near Alma but its foundations cannot even be seen at low water. Manage Settings Most notably, it opens up archaeology and the study of ancient peoples to the general population. San Francisco County. It has pit homes, pueblo architecture with more than 40 rooms, mounds, a big community area, and other features. Even stranger is the story that during WWII, Kenneth erected asubmarine stopping device, in his yard not a particularly crazy idea, since 10 ships on the coast of Santa Cruz were attacked by Japanese submarines and six people killed built out of a large metal wheel with the electronics held in the well house. The population of Holy City was over 300 in the depression years, but declined in the 1940s. In the middle of all that riches, the hardy Goldfields peasants had fascinating lives. Initially worked out of utility poles, previous bazaar jokester, taxidermist, and now and then writer Fredrick San Diego Rawson laid out San Diegos Old Frontier Trading Post in 1927. You can do a self-guided Lost Boys tour, taking in lots of the movie's locations, including the Atlantis Fantasyworld Comic Book Shop, Pogonip Clubhouse and the Loof Carousel on the Beach Boardwalk. Visit Santa Cruz County is a private, non-profit corporation, serving as the official visitor marketing entity for Santa Cruz County. Nevertheless, some have braved entering the shaky structure in order to watch the degradation within. The building use to house offices, and workers would report desk chairs rolling around of their own accord and papers mysteriously going missing. Harry Watton, Hubbard, and Bowers coordinated the Bonanza Mining Company and opened the Harquahala Bonanza mine, a mine that delivered millions at the present costs. This historic venue is rumoured to be haunted by the apparition of a little boy in antiquated clothes, who has been seen running across the main stage of the building during events. The trains original purpose was to carry lumber from the many sawmills of the mountains. Point Richmond has an abandoned railroad car ferry pier, an old brick furnace, and some other leftovers from the WW2 era. The map has fallen over and been destroyed by time and weather, but it still notes one of the most haunted places in Arizona. Over the years, the hotels staff have reported strange occurrences including footsteps and big band music heard in empty rooms, appliances turning on and off, and mysterious spots with cold sensations. Mohave County, Arizona. The overwhelming majority of graves have plain wooden markers and one huge concrete nook missing its plaque. It used to be an African Masonic town. We rate ghost towns in New Hampshire based on their status. There is no public access to the property but plenty of street parking if you want to stand on the sidewalk to view it. It is no surprise that it has previously appeared in America's Most Haunted Places. There are tales that the house, now empty except for a coating of graffiti, once held shells decorated with astrological symbols. Find museums in Santa Cruz, CA, Graham Hill Road Cemetery - Santa Cruz Memorial Cemetery, Dusty Treasures Antiques and Collectibles. The Robert Louis Stevenson House, also known as the French Hotel, is another of Old Monterey's most haunted buildings. Aug 26, 2015 - Providing you with all the eerie fascination you can handle, here are the most insane abandoned places and creepiest spots in California. In the A Building, the apparition of a student who committed suicide has been seen, as well as others. Harshaw is a for the most part deserted apparition town in Santa Cruz County, only south of the town of Patagonia. According to witnesses, the Royal Presidio Chapel is home to some spirits: A priest's apparition has been seen, lighted candles Hotel Del Monte was a luxury resort hotel from 1880 until 1942, when it was leased to the Navy to be used as a school to train electronic technicians during World War II. There was a radio station, KFQU. Today it is particularly the gateway with its two towers and archway which inspires so muchcuriosity. Though the windows are long gone it still holds a mysterious triangular relief, which some believe is meant to align with the temples chimney, before a great catastrophe or even apocalypse. A most nightmarish tale surrounds The Stokes Adobe. However, although Agnes had a horrific and untimely death, her ghost doesn't maliciously haunt the villa. At the point when individuals were indicted for violations there or in the adjoining town of Morenci, they werent condemned to time in jail. At this haunted cemetery, witnesses have reported faces that appear in the bushes, unexplained noises, objects that move on their own, flashes of light and chiming bells. Decades of damage from neglect and vandalism are being repaired with careful restoration. Share Tweet. Offer available only in the U.S. (including Puerto Rico). Kenneth is said to have hauled all the bricks himself in the back of a fancy car and built the home modeled after a Yogi temple. Still, the living ruin tended to attract the usual suspects: vandals and thieves. All members of his church gave up material possessions, to Riker, which is how he could afford to move his flock to the Santa Cruz Mountains. When workers were digging the tunnel between Wrights and Laurel, they hit a seam of coal that gave off natural gas. Sonoma County. Inside the homes grand stairwell is a large stained glass depiction of Agnes McLaughlin, the adopted daughter of Major Frank McLaughlin, a prominent businessman who built the villa. Oyster shells from the nearby beach inlaid into the concrete walls. I read it while driving up 17 it was like a story that took the family back in time! For more information, please see our In any case, in 1984, this town would share a comparative destiny. Wrights, California By Frank Herman Mattern Greg De Santis, Public Domain, She disappears as you drive past her. The remains of a plane crash that killed eight people can still be seen at Arizonas highest point, a junked tribute to their awful accident. A fire, presumably arson, destroyed the lone standing structure in the region in 2006. Cinnabar is a reddish ore of mercury. Break out the Ecto Goggles, here's where to get spooked in Santa Cruz County! Guests on review websites claim the walls are thin which could explain the "haunting" reports. Abandoned Places In New Hampshire 1. There are two reasons to build your house in the dead of night illuminated only by a small lantern and the moon. SC Hotel Partners LLC submitted an application in February to the City of Santa Cruz for a building permit for the project at 215 Beach St. La Bahia is owned by the Santa Cruz Seaside Company and is being developed by the Chicago-based real estate development company Prime . Workers at this park say they have seen its carousel turn on and start running by itself at night. The basement floor of the post office is littered with old lockers, broken ceiling parts, and glass, leading to an unstable stairway that feels like it may collapse in on you. One of the most famous films set in Santa Cruz is the vampire film, The Lost Boys. The apparition of Locals say that for decades, around the mansion ruins, the spirits of former owner Henry Miller and his daughter have been seen riding horseback. First, the employees were relocated to Muskogee, Okmulgee, and Tulsa. By 1950, there were fewer than 50 residents in Lexington, and they moved away before the waters rose behind the dam in 1952. University of California Santa Cruz - Porter College has several sites rumored to be haunted. After rapidly turning on a light, no-one or anything was there. Its tall chimney stands on the shoulder of the hill, overlooking the New Almaden Valley, where management lived. Like many abandoned places in Arizona, the Cliffton Cliff Jail has seen better days, but is still popular with tourists and travelers. Does anyone know any abandoned buildings in/around Santa Cruz? Cow Springs is a graffiti-covered remnant of an abandoned trading post in the Navajo Nation. Regardless, today the Court of Mysteries stands out from its suburbanneighbors, giving generation after generation of curious Santa Cruz teenagers a starting place for tall tales and mystic revelations. Winner will be selected at random on 06/01/2023. Lexington was famous in 1883 though, for a sensational murder. Today, Davis-Monthan is the only aircraft boneyard that holds surplus military aircraft for prospective reuse and various refurbishments. Lexington, just north of Alma, had started as a sawmill as Alma did, and grew to be about the same size. Follow Harshaw Rd. Update September 2018: The entire main house is torn down. Workers have seen several apparitions, and some historians have supposed they may them stem from a murder that happened here around 1900. Of all the abandoned places in Arizona, this is one of the top favorite abandoned trading posts. Youre in the right place. It was laid out in 1882 by George McAdams and was procured by the Babbitt Brothers Trading Company, situated in Flagstaff, Arizona, in 1895. Visitors have reported the sound of keys being pressed on a typewriter when no one is around, as well as disembodied footsteps, ghostly laughter and doors slamming shut on the second floor. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. These mountain towns have mostly gone back to the forest now, or have been covered by the waters that are stored for the thirsty citizens of bustling valley towns. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[250,250],'urbexunderground_com-leader-1','ezslot_17',191,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-urbexunderground_com-leader-1-0');Of all the abandoned places in Arizona, Two Guns is by far my favorite ghost town. The runways are in good condition, and there were no signs of any buildings on the site. However, its still a cool place to see if youre close by. Santa Cruz County. Do a Lost Boys tour. Check out our detailed gear list and reviews. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Redwood lumber from Laurel helped rebuild San Francisco after the earthquake and fire of 1906. Its most recent military use was in 1957. Rusting mining machinery and company buildings stand near the steep trails. Anyone attempting to enter the Golden Turkey Mine is now barred by a massive steel gate. Very sad. Later this spring, a little girl in California who essentially has no immune system will receive a lifesaving treatment for "bubble boy disease" thanks to the persistence of a dogged g A Saint Nicholas-themed ghost town in the Mojave desert. The story has been seen on TV's Unsolved Mysteries. Numerous guests have reported seeing a young girl with braided blonde hair and a white dress wandering the halls or asking for help to find her mother. Quaint cottages huddle together along the stream. The New Almaden Quicksilver Mining Company once ran the most productive mercury mines in the world. Once grand, it has been burned, graffitied, and left to fall to ruin. Reservoirs gather water and provide recreation. Of all the abandoned places in Arizona, Chloride is one of the most popular ghost towns, so dont be surprised if you run into other folks there. Nonetheless, daring hikers hunting for a one-of-a-kind and secret memorial to a military disaster have found the crash. Before succumbing to his wounds, Waddells arm was amputated and buried in a meadow, yet when associates went back to retrieve the appendage to be buried with Waddells body, they were unable to find it. The abandoned Rispin Mansion, originally built in 1922 by a real-estate baron, is the centerpiece for many local legends and ghost stories. Known as the Gate of Prophesy it once held windows through which the sun would stream, and which were lit at night. Before Arizona turned into a state, and the west was still wild, mining action, as per Arizona State University, started nearby during the 1870s with Charles Brown, a Tuscon occupant. Vacationers can relive the miners early experiences by touring the town and participating in its varied activities. Lights turning on and off, a full body apparition of a male ghost, heavy items being moved without explanation and other ghostly happenings make up the main features of this California haunted hotspot. 32.81266, -111.77391Photo Credit: the_sad_boi_x. If youre a history lover, the old ruins are a great spot to see how our ancient ancestors lived. Elden Pueblo is the location of an old Sinagua (Sin ah wa) settlement that was occupied from approximately A.D. 1070 to 1275. There was also a Spanish Camp, and briefly a Chinese Camp. Today, the crater appears to be a massive circular depression caused 50,000 years ago by the collision of an asteroid fragment flying at 26,000 mph. Santa Clara County. The successful lumber baron met his demise via the dagger-like claws of a grizzly bear, a not uncommon site in 1875. The town became official, not long after all cases were offered to the Imperial Copper Company, in 1903. Trails go through the area of these towns, but not much remains. Workers have seen several apparitions, and some historians have supposed they may them stem from a murder that happened here around 1900. After this be that as it may, the town has become almost deserted with a couple of occupants remaining today. in the boy's lockeroom Santa Ana - Euclid corner Harzard - Popular to all of people around that area with a haunted house that has been torn off (99 out of 100 people in the city know about this area). Also Indian burial grounds as on peoples front yards. The Brookdale lodge is one of California's most famous haunted spots and is only a few miles outside of the city of Santa Cruz. I would love for you to put all your articles in a book! Copyright 2008 - 2023 | All Rights Reserved, Fun Things to do in Carlsbad, California with Kids, What Not to Do in Los Angeles: Travel Mistakes to Avoid, Things To Do in Los Angeles on a 3-Month Stay, 11 Best Napa Wineries for Families with Kids, 21 Most Instagrammable Foods in Las Vegas, The 8 Best Buffets in Las Vegas Under $25. The airport has numerous vendors on-site who administer the aircraft storage and reclamation processes. 35.28309, -109.207Photo Credit: Travis Estell Probably, a buried layer of mercury underlies all the streams near here, and even reaches the south end of San Francisco Bay. Santa Cruz County has played host to hair-raising chills on the big screen, from the teen vampires of The Lost Boys to the scissor-wielding doppelgangers in Us, but the frights dont have to end when the credits roll. The crater was about a mile in diameter, 2.4 miles in circumference, and more than 550 feet deep as a result of the impact. He later shared his claim with Andrew Forbes, who started the Quicksilver Company and brought workers north to California. Thanks, guys! Though famed for its sunny beach culture, Santa Cruz County hides a fun, spooky side with eerie cemeteries, creepy-cool Victorian mansions, and historic hotels rumored to house a few guests whove never checked out. Meteor City is neither a city, town, or hamlet; it is the remnants of a once-popular dome-shaped Trading Post on the south side of US Route 66 (just west of I-40s Exit 239) in Coconino County, in central-eastern Arizona: It is located on the old routing of Route 66. Privacy Policy. Discover 13 abandoned places in Arizona. We've already written about the leper sanitarium, built in the 1940s and discarded before construction had finished, but Tenerife is home to many other abandoned buildings and complexes. . This is close to the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (2720 S. Craycroft Rd.). Boyntons final nail in the coffin was a series of three robberies that forced the towns sole convenience shop to shut. Maybe its for recreational opportunities. In any case, there was an explosion. Reviews on Abandoned Places in Santa Cruz - Evergreen Cemetery, The Court of Mysteries, Wilder Ranch State Park, Pogonip, Fall Creek - Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, Lighthouse Field State Beach Below are 24 of my favorite abandoned places across the state! The Cathedral of San Carlos Borromeo, originally built in 1770, has been in operation for more than two centuries, but as legend has it, it wasn't haunted until the 1920s. The Albany Bulb. If youre looking to dive deeper into the world of urban exploration, this book is for you. The ruins of Lexington are underwater now. Perhaps they tried to burn away the fumes with a torch. This place was once the home of the world's largest dreamcatcherwhich has since been demoted by one in Russiaand the world's largest map of Route 66. After his disappearance, the house was briefly turned into a Greek Church earning the nickname the Unorthodox Chapel. It has been abandoned since the 1990s. who makes mazama reputation tires, willie mcgee wife, all american simone mother,
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