We could not be happier with the experience our kid had this summer. 19004. This famous Jewish phrase comes from a verse in Psalm 84, reading: They go from strength to strength, appearing before God in Zion. Rashi, quoting a midrash found in the Talmud, explains that this verse offers us a blessing that we may go from strength to strength, by leaving the beit knesset, the house of prayer, and entering the beit midrash to engage in studying Torah, and if we do we will merit seeing Gods face. And, while our federal PPP loans were forgiven, we do still need to pay back the JCRIF loan in full by first quarter of 2024. Sunday, May 24 We recognize that sending your child to camp for the first time means you may have questions, and we are here to help. With Dave Yedid, Rockies Rosh Edah and JTS rabbinical school student, Political Hobbyism with Dr. Eitan Hersh A Virtual Retreat Heather Bogdanoff Baker and Felix BakerRachel Gross* and H.P. This years theme is From Strength to Strength , and it reflects how we are feeling as an organization; grateful for a wonderful chapter, and incredibly excited about continuing our positive momentum at Ramah Day Camp and Camp Ramah in the Poconos, continuing to deepen our impact upon the Jewish lives of our campers, staff, and their families. May Mental Health Awareness Month 8:00 PM EDT Sunday, April 5 Help familiarize your child with camp via our Virtual Tour. Voc Ed Maavar is a transition program for young adults that bridges our camper and vocational programs. - 2021 includes a $93,392 increase in investment value. Camp Ramah in the Poconos has quality facilities all around the campus. Bruchim HaBaim! Wednesday, June 10 The dig, funded by a $23,358 Keystone Historic Preservation Grant from the state, was conducted after artifacts related to Fort Hamilton, a fortress located at the site from 1755-1757, were recovered. Since the first Ramah Tikvah program opened in 1970, the Ramah Camping Movement has continued to be a pioneer in the inclusion of Jewish campers with disabilities. Campers with disabilities follow the regular camp schedule with support and accommodations as needed. As a part of a cohort, our vocational education participants meet several times a week to engage in life skills training, social skills training, and Jewish learning together. Camp Ramah in the Poconos takes pride in our value of taking care of other peoples children. The second of an interactive two-part series hosted by Camp Ramah and BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy, join us for open discussions about mental health, self care, and resilience during these challenging times. Norwood, MA 02062 8:00 PM EDT Participants should be fully independent, self-sufficient and able to complete work tasks in their position(s) around Camp with minimal assistance. Monday, April 27 We know that each child has their own mental, emotional, social, and physical needs, and whenever possible, we will work closely with parents and guardians to develop a customized plan to enable their child to succeed in our community. All are welcome to join Ramah Israel and Zikaron BaSalon for a Virtual Yom Hashoah Ceremony, bringing together Dov Landau, Shoah survivor, and Ramah Israel educators with Ramah families from all over the world. Learn how to make Matza Brittle with Leora from Ramah Israel, Monday Morning Movement Lakewood, PA 8:00 PM EDT Now you can tour the Stroud Mansion from just about anywhere using the Monroe County Historical Association's virtual tour feature. Q&A with Mike Sweetney, former NBA player and mental health advocate, Ramah Maariv Minyan "Ramah was a truly rewarding experience filled with many laughs, dancing, sharing stories and creating lifelong memories. 3:00 PM EDT (12 PM PT) The program is designed for campers who require a higher need of support and may be diagnosed with intellectual or developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, and neurological impairments. 4 and 7 week sessions. All Rights Reserved. With Dave Yedid, Rockies Rosh Edah and JTS rabbinical school student. Mindy and Jesse CivanSarah Waxman and Jacob CohenHannah S. and Samuel A. Cohn Memorial FoundationDr. Join Rabbi Eliav Bock, Director of Ramah in the Rockies. Click, for a sample daily schedule of our Taste program and. Atzmayim is intended to assist in transitioning to an independent living environment such as a college campus and developing the skills to select and engage in leisure activities at home. And so, in this, my final Annual Report as Executive Director, I thought it would be appropriate to quote from Rashi, one of my favorite thought partners over the years. Ramah Day Camp is a fun, dynamic and enriching summer camp experience for children entering pre-kindergarten through current 7th graders. 2:00 PM EDT Call: (570) 798-2504, 7 Bala Avenue Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. Keep in mind the items your individual child needs AND please do your best to stick to the recommended items so that campers can best manage their own belongings. Suite #103 The bunk is equipped with air-conditioning and the staff-to-camper ratio is higher than in a typical bunk. Reshet Ramah 2023. Sunday, May 17 Please find a packing list specific to Taste of Ramah. Elisheva Layman SalantTikvah Director(201) 218-8207. They sleep in a separate bunk and have dedicated Tikvah staff. In addition to the information in this email, we invite you to join us for our New Camper Orientation on May 9th at 7:30pm. They spent time in tzrifim, on tzevet sport, and in Omanut (art). Wednesday, May 13 Download the Ramah Shiron and sing along! The virtual tour was announced on June 29 and is maintained by MCHA staff. During the 2021 season, we successfully piloted a new approach to inclusion we call Shiluv (integration) which is a continuation of gradual changes made to our programs over the last decade in ongoing dialogue with camper families and experts in special education. We did what we could with what we had, reopening our in-person programs is 2021 in COVID-sensitive environments, due to capital expenditures allowing this to occur. Bala Cynwyd, PA We also expanded to a 4K CCTV security system, secured stronger and more widespread WiFi for staff, installed a new holding tank for well water, painted many bunks, and replaced all lighting with LED bulbs. Chancellor Eisen was at Camp Ramah in Northern California this summer, where he met with campers in the oldest age group. Suite #103 In general, we do not encourage our youngest campers to fast, so we want you to know that there will be no disruption to their normal eating schedule due to communal observance of the fast day. Sunday, May 10 Thursday, April 23 Help familiarize your child with camp via our. Read more, Lauren MindelDirector of Camper Care and Inclusion(312) 606-9316. Summer 2023 We're hiring! I cannot thank everyone there enough!!! Musical Maariv with Rabbi Joel Seltzer The Tikvah pilot program at Ramah Berkshires offers campers ages 11-14 the complete scope of camps activities in a 12-day session. Join Maya Zinkow from Ramah Wisconsin. What it Means to be a Leader Today We a proud to have a heated pool, as well as a lake, offering campers the largest variety of waterfront experiences, including paddle-boards, kayaks, row boats, sail boats, and inflatables a water trampoline, slide, and bouldering wall. Monday, April 13 2022 includes $714,304 of fully forgiven 2nd round of PPP loan. Palmer, MA 01069 With Dave Yedid, Rockies Rosh Edah and JTS rabbinical school student. Chai Society members donated a minimum of $1,800 in fiscal year 2022. The Gesher porch was renovated in memory of Missy Stein zl, and Gesher campers spent many hours learning, singing, and reminiscing from the comfort of its new design. Thursday, April 30 Also, the relationships you biuild with your campers and the friends you make with Mem.I.Ts are so special, youll just want to keep coming back! Our highly staffed and structured programmatic day offers participants various opportunities to learn and grow through real summer camp experiences within a safe, nurturing environment that promotes independence, social skills and self-confidence. Year-round virtual Tikvah programming from our camps has included: Ramah Wisconsin - weekly "Shavua Tov" for Atzmayim participants, Ramah Poconos - weekly "hangouts" for Yedidim edah, Ramah New England - weekly "Shabbos Is Calling," including special holiday-themed celebrations, Ramah Darom - monthly Tikvah mifgashim (get-togethers), Ramah Vocational Training, January 2022 Update. Enrollment of campers with disabilities is made on an individual basis to ensure that children can thrive in the program. 9:30 AM EDT 9:00 PM EDT Virtual Tour Explore Now. Parent Preparation for Camp! Casey and Adam GreenTikvah Directors(416) 789-2193. The weekly series hosted by Rick Recht and Rabbi Josh Warshawsky. Deret MusselmanDirector of Community Care and Tikvah(415) 688-4572. Pre-Shabbat Singing Tzevet Book Club Ramah Nyack has a camper care team on staff, including a psychologist, social worker, and occupational therapist. As Miryam Seid takes on the role of Executive Director, I couldnt be more optimistic about the future of camp. Yes, we shall go from strength to strength, with the right people leading us. Ramah Maariv Minyan 8:30 PM EDT Mark and Dana* FallickAnne and Steven FasslerKarly Forman*Harriet and Philip FreidenreichDr. Fishbowl With Masa Israel Teaching Fellows (MITF) Diversity in our Ramah communities benefits the entire Ramah community by fostering an appreciation for individual differences. Each kayitz we strive to improve our specialty programming for chanichim and tzevet at camp. Flying Fox runs multiple weeklong camps each year as well as various Shabbatons. Deret MusselmanDirector of Community Care and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion(650) 419-1340. Participants are valued members of Ramah Darom, enjoying all aspects of our Camp and Jewish community. Monday Morning Movement The Jewish environment at Ramah was so inviting and memorable, and friendships we created with other counselors will be lifelong. Fitness with Daniel Malka 8:00 PM EDT Families will say goodbye to their children upon check in and do not participate in unpacking. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Camp Ramah in the Poconos. . He loved the moments when the camp was loud (example: banging elbows on the table for birkat hamazon) when he typically gets stressed in loud noises. Ramah Daroms Tzevet Tzmicha Program is designed for members of the staff who would be most successful in their assigned jobs in Camp with additional support. Campers enroll through Keshet and are provided additional support through the organization. Director of Camper Care and Staff Development. Suite #103 They work closely with camp staff to provide appropriate support and accommodations to campers while maintaining ongoing and consistent communication with the parents, who are considered an integral part of our team. Lunch & Learn Directions to camp can be found in the camper handbook in your Camp in Touch account. Phone: (413) 283-9771 Lindsays time with us was invaluable in our ongoing commitment to ensuring a safe environment for everyone at camp. Apply Today. Wednesday, April 1 Rabbi Shlomo ben Yitzhak; who despite having been gone from this world for over 900 years, continues to offer me, and countless others, insight into our Torah and our lives. Program goals include preparing young adults for independent living and teaching them employment-related skills. Amitzim-ers participate in all camp activities and are included with their typical peers throughout the day. Heidi and Jeff GordonRabbi Josh and Elissa* GruenbergMarci and Robert HackelStaci and Richard JulieMarge and Boaz KalfonRabbi Michael and Fran KatzSantina Zanelli and Dr. David KaufmanRebecca and Ben KirshnerHeather and Mark KramerElise Gispan and Brad JohnsonSarah-Kay and Matthew* LacksRobin Sue and Bill LandsburgDr. Would you like to meet new people in a meaningful way? Join Reshet Ramah and USY Alumni for Project Zug, a program of the Hadar Institute that makes Jewish learning accessible and available to Jews in all communities. Our Ezra staff come to camp to work, learn and play as part of our summer staff community. Call: (215) 885-8556. It is an opportunity for your child to experience 6 days filled with quintessential Ramah Poconos activities: friendship, learning and fun. Campers in the Tikvah program participate in a wide range of camp activities in three specialty tracks: performing arts, ocean exploration, and adventure sports. The weekly series hosted by Rick Recht and Rabbi Josh Warshawsky. Sunday, May 10 They spent their mornings together as an edah, deep in leadership development, and of course, swimming. Monday, May 11 9:00 PM EDT Twice a week they manage and run Yedibean, a coffee shop for Camp staff. 8:00 PM EDT Please pack bedding on top so beds can be made easily. Some of these spectacular 8th and 9th graders have been coming to camp since they were 4 years old, and for others this was their first summer. . Program goals include teaching independent living skills and modeling appropriate peer relationships and most importantly, having fun in the beautiful Ojai Valley. 18439 As you begin to think about the actual items that your camper will pack, we also encourage you to consider steps that you can take now to help your child prepare for a successful summer. Ramah . Ramah Shirah with Jeremy Stein Amitzim is a 4-week or 8-week overnight camping program serving 13- to 18-year-olds with learning, social, and developmental differences, including developmental and intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and neurological impairments. Thursday, April 2 Participants are staff members who contribute to the camp kehillah (community) while receiving the additional guidance and oversight to ensure their success in their summer roles. The Atzmayim program provides a supportive framework for participants to interact with the general staff population, who serve as their role models. Tuesday, April 7 July 16, 2019. . A special thank you to our 2021 Chai Society members. We hope to include participants from all time zones: 2 pm Eastern time / 1 pm Central / 12 MT / 11 am Pacific / 8 PM Berlin / 9 PM Israel. Read Ramah Vocational Training, January 2022 Update. with Miles Greenspoon and Daniel Fischer, Ramah Nyack, Shirah Talking about Transitions Tuesday, May 19 Sunday, April 19 Junior Counselor Hadracha: Training in Camper Care Friday, April 3 Tuesday, May 12 9:00 PM EDT 19004. Join on Zoom for a musical maariv service with Rabbi Joel Seltzer and other musical guests! TikvahNet also regularly welcomes guest speakers, including personal trainers who offer accessible fitness classes, and representatives from companies that recruit employees with disabilities. The Tochnit Avodah Vocational Education Program is designed for young adults ages 18+ and gives them the opportunity to learn vocational skills at camp within our supportive, joyful Jewish community. Sing along with Rabbi Josh to welcome Shabbat and get in the mood for Pesach. While our campers come to us with varying diagnoses, they all have difficulty making and maintaining age-appropriate peer relationships. In addition, some participants from Tochnit Avodah move on to summer employment at camp and are provided with support, as are all staff who may benefit. The first is Rashi. Kolot Ramah: A Gathering of Solidarity and Song Sunday, May 10 8:00 PM EDT The weekly series hosted by Rick Recht and Rabbi Josh Warshawsky. Tuesday, March 31 The Tikvah Program at Camp Ramah in the Poconos is an integral part of our camp and enhances the entire community. Sherri* and Daniel CohenMarlene and Jonathon GraubMelissa and Steven Friedman, Debra Lacks, Jeremy and Dana LacksJoyce and Frank PodietzHila Reichman and Josh Podietz*Dina and Dan RellesJamie and Jesse RichmanJill* and Brian RosenAli and Lee* Sussman and FamilyElanah and Stewart* UretskyRabbi Rachel M. Kobrin and Dr. Jeffrey Ward, Nona AbramsAnonymousAmy BrewsteinSara BucholtzKaren and Darryl CaplanSusan Styler DeLong and Rob DeLongDebra and Harris DevorJulie and Daniel FeinAbbey and David GanczMicaela and Rick* GoldThe Garten FamilyJudith, Roger, Jonathan, and Joshua HessAmy and David KritzEmily and Michael LandsburgSharon and Jonathan LevinThe Lewis Lyons FoundationDr. Thursday, April 2 Every season we work hard to actively invest in our grounds and improving our facilities so that they may strengthen from year to year. 8:00 PM EDT In addition to the leadership in their work placement(s), they are also supported by a shared job coach to assist with time management, job performance, and social facilitation among peers. // ]]>. We plan to continue this successful partnership and bring a few volunteers over each year! Ramah Nyack is committed to providing a Jewish summer camp experience to all children, including those with disabilities. Sunday, April 26 The goals and objectives of the Atzmayim program focus on areas of personal development such as self-image, vocational skills, independent social functioning and active involvement in the Jewish community. Ramah Day Camp's camper care team consists of educators and the Tikvah director, who has a background in special education. 2:00 PM EDT This past summer we were thrilled to invite two special guests from Israel to spice up our Culinary Arts program: award-winning cookbook author Adeena Sussman, and a beloved former Mishlachat member, Tomer Perets. The Tikvah Program at Camp Ramah in the Poconos is an integral part of our camp and enhances . Likrat Shabbat with Rabbi Josh Warshawsky Reshet Ramah 2023. 2:30 PM EDT by family car. Our Voc Ed Maavar participants continue to benefit from a higher level of support related to independent living skills, vocational experiences, and social interactions. 8:00 PM EDT Jared Skoff Presents: Yiddish through the Lens of Gefilte Fish Rachel and Stephen MillerGail and Elliot NorryEve Coulson and Nelson ObusRabbi Joel and Eliana Seltzer, Jack Aaron and Rabbi Stephanie AaronSeyna and Larry AbelUrsina Teitelbaum and Ben AbellaRachael and Joshua AbramsThe Adar FamilyDr. The Tikvah Family Shabbatonis a Taste of Tikvah experience for the entire family. Join Ramah Canada for a hadracha training. Lakewood, PA As much as camp benefits the children who experience it . Join Reshet Ramah and USY Alumni for Project Zug, a program of the Hadar Institute that makes Jewish learning accessible and available to Jews in all communities. Enjoy a summer of growth, exploration, and lots and lots of fun! The Atzmayim Vocational Programis for high school graduates. JoinRabbi Josh Warshawsky, Ramah alum and nationally touring Jewish musician, for songs to welcome Shabbat. 8:00 PM EDT, Ramah Maariv Minyan Made possible by funding granted by the Stroudsburg Rotary, the virtual tour is easy to use. They planned and executed an impactful Yom Yisrael, complete with a Shuk full of treats representing Israel's varieties in food and culture, a rocket-building and launching activity, and a recreation of the Dead Sea. Many campers and staff arrived at camp and found new, safer flooring, too. They are accompanied to activities by their Amitzim staff and enjoy swimming, arts and crafts, sports, electives, Jewish education, Israeli culture, Shabbat and are included in chugim (electives) and activities with other edot (divisions.). (John) didn't like living here so it was passed down to the next eldest son, Daniel, who lived here for a long time. said Leiser, who was executive director of the Monroe County Historical Association at the time. with Rabbi Joe Menashe, Executive Director of Ramah California. Simply log on to monroehistorical.org/virtualtour.html , and select from the interactive circle or arrow icons superimposed on the exterior of the image of the Stroud Mansion. 2:00 pm EDT Julie and Michael LippmannRabbi Alan and Edy LucasIvy and David MermelsteinRoe and Don MillerRachel Zivic and Rabbi Micah PeltzDebbie* and Richard PerlmanMonica and Marty PollakSara and Etan ReisnerAmy and Ben RellesTina and Michael RettigDr. 9:30 AM EDT 5:00 PM EDT Monday, April 6 The iconic place that represents Camp Ramah in the Poconos, our outdoor amphitheater. Sunday, May 3 Charles and Rachel KormanMary and Nathan RellesLauren and Matt* TanzerJudith & David Wachs Family Foundation, Inc.Diane and Michael** Wachs and Family, Dr. Rachel and Avi AbelDr. Taste of Ramah is intended to be the first step toward what we hope will be a life-long journey with the Ramah Poconos community. At the same time, we know that there are some children we are not able to serve for a variety of reasons, and we will work with parents and guardians to find a Jewish summer camp that is suitable for their child. Campers in this program require a higher level of support. Arthur* and Ella Feldman and the Sitchin Foundation Dr. Amy J. GoldbergTerri Hartman* and Bruce GoldbergLaura Sklar and Daniel GoldsteinDavid and Pearl Graub Goldstein and FamilyHarold Grinspoon FoundationDonna Goldblum Haas and David I. HaasDr. Friday, April 24 Sunday, May 3 (Must pre-register!) Luggage will travel to camp with campers, either on the bus or in your car. JoinRabbi Josh Warshawsky, Ramah alum and nationally touring Jewish musician, for songs to welcome Shabbat. It is an opportunity for your child to experience 6 days filled with quintessential Ramah Poconos activities: friendship, learning and fun. Carole and Bruce BogdanoffThe Bramson Family*Dr. Harvey and Joan BucholtzJudy and Jerry CaplanDrs. Campers in the Tikvah program enjoy swimming, hiking, sports, and arts and crafts, and also attend daily services, study Hebrew, and learn Jewish customs. This impact was felt three times each day as we joined together as a full community for meals. Participants receive job training experience at multiple sites around camp (hospitality, kitchen, dining hall, administrative office, mailroom, canteen, sports and/or art center) and coaching in areas of employment, life skills, and social relationship development. Monday Morning Movement I would ask a sheilah, and they would offer their Tshuvah, and quite often, their personal insight would create a moment of inspiration and deep teaching for our entire camp community. Sidney and Ellen FriedmanDr. Suite #103 Monday Morning Movement For $18, you can opt to take a 4-session or 10-session course, bring along your own hevruta (learning partner), or get matched with someone new! During workshops with staff and campers, Lindsay led important conversations on the creation of safe and inclusive spaces and worked with our tzevet regarding their important role in creating a safe and healthy environment for each of our campers. Hosted by National Ramah. 8:00 PM EDT, Daf Yomi Shiur Join Ramah Canada for a hadracha training on present-day leadership. They were the core tzevet members of Sha'ar, our Hebrew Immersion Program, and leaders at the breicha (pool), drama, and ropes course. We serve a variety of campers, including those with ADHD, anxiety, autism, communication disorders, developmental and intellectual disabilities. [CDATA[ if(/Android|webOS|iPhone|iPad|iPod|BlackBerry/i.test(navigator.userAgent)){ window.location = 'https://tours.829llc.com/ramah_poconos'; } $(window).resize(function() { var window_height = $(window).height(); if (window_height > 250) { $('#tour_frame').height(window_height-240); } Call: (215) 885-8556. We are focused on providing a traditional, immersive, Jewish summer camping experience to Jewish children of all abilities. During her time with us we saw the staff connect with her and commit to making our community an increasingly inclusive environment. Susan TecktielCamp Yofi Director(404) 531-0801. Arnold and Susan BaskiesRisa and Michael BaskiesKathryn and Martin BirnDrs. The second are his descendants, that is, My little Rashiim, the chanichim (campers), who would answer my questions. All Rights Reserved. Rabbi Eliav BockCamp Director(303) 261-8214, At Ramah in the Rockies, we believe that all Jewish children should be able to experience the transformative experience of Jewish summer camp. With Dave Yedid, Rockies Rosh Edah and JTS rabbinical school student, Tzevet Limmud 2022. Shiluv provides opportunities for campers with various types of challenges and disabilities to live in cabins with their peers. They were fed and housed, and welcomed with a tour around our machaneh with our Tzevet (staff) member Noah Glickman. Thursday, June 4 Ramah Daroms Vocational Training Program is designed for participants ages 17-21. With thanks to our lay leadership, my colleagues, and the entire Camp Ramah in the Poconos and Ramah Day Camp Community, I wish us all the blessing of going from strength to strength, from the Beit Knesset to the Beit Midrash, from one good thing for the Jewish community to the next with love and gratitude. As a part of our ongoing training, we brought Lindsay Fram, a sexual health consultant, and Pam Schuller, an inclusion advocate, comedian, and educator, to camp for two days. Thursday, April 23 8:00 PM EDT. 8:00 PM EDT. 3:00 PM EDT 8:00 PM EDT 19004 The Shabbaton creates a unique, supportive community where everyone is not only accepted, but truly celebrated. The Tikvah Program at Camp Ramah in the Poconos offers children and young adults with special needs and their families a continuum of experiences and opportunities for growth in the areas of Jewish identity, socialization, independence and much more. 7:00 PM EDT Monday, April 27 They live in staff housing with support staff and have opportunities to engage with each other and other staff members on a regular basis. The program is held at Ramah Daroms Kaplan Mitchell Retreat & Conference Center, a 122-acre facility in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our inclusion program offers campers an opportunity to fully participate in all aspects of our camp program while living and learning with their neurotypical peers and receiving varying levels of support. Tuesday, April 21 The Psychology of Relationship Building: Tools for working with younger chalutzim Kolot Ramah: A Gathering of Solidarity and Song Join Daniella Elyashar, for a session of videos, texts, and games, delving into these two core documents and questions of Israeli democracy and identity, in light of Yom Haatzmaut. This experience provides young adults with learning, social, and developmental differences, an opportunity to participate in a vocational internship within the Tochnit Avodah (Voc-Ed) program, as well as recreational activities with Amitzim and other edot (divisions.) Special activities include kayaking, surfing, horseback riding, swimming, singing and dancing, rock climbing, Shabbat, overnights, havdalah on the beach, and bonding with friends. Ramah Maariv Minyan Facilities & Virtual Tour. The Ramah Israel Bike Ride and Hiking Trip is a fully supported, seven-day ride or hike through southern Israel that raises funds to support Ramah programs for children, teens and young adults with disabilities. with Cantor Jeremy Stein, Rosh Shirah, Ramah New England, Pre-Pesach Learning With Josh Kulp Megilat Rut Wednesday, June 3 19004. 2618 Upper Woods Road The Amitzimedah is for campers ages 10-17 and consists of two four-week sessions.
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